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Great Innovation: Why Culture Matters

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Is your business innovating to create new value?

A culture of innovation provides the foundation for companies to emerge into new markets, conceptualize and create new products and services, anticipate opportunities, and make rapid adjustments.

Structures to enable, incubate, and test new ideas help the most innovative companies bring winning concepts to the market. Without a culture of trust, these structures fail to function.

What is innovation? It’s more than just new ideas—it’s the ability, as an organization, to both conceptualize and act on them. It’s the process of converting ideas into new products, services, or approaches that bring value to the consumer and/or the business.

For innovation to thrive, trust must be present: people have to be willing to take risks, share their best ideas, be allowed to learn from failure, and collaborate intensively. Conversely, when trust is absent, innovation doesn’t work.

Partnering with Great Place to Work® helps you to develop a culture where:
  • People at every level are more willing to take risks
  • There are resources, role­modeling, training, and processes for innovation
  • There is openness to new ideas and cooperation among leaders and teams
Organizations work with us to:
  • Assess the current enablers and inhibitors of innovation
  • Provide expert consultation on improving trust and accelerating innovation
  • Quantify the impact on your company’s innovation performance metrics

Contact us today to learn how you can build a high-trust, high-performance culture.

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